My blink-182 Pilgrimage Map: A blink-182 Fan’s Guide to San Diego

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During the height of my blink-182 obsession, I was dead set on making my way to San Diego after high school. Screw L.A. (the place I now call home), San Diego was where it was at. Of course, the main draw was that blink-182 was from there. I knew literally nothing of the area except that it was near the ocean, it was blink’s main headquarters and there was a place called Sombrero there that apparently had awesome Mexican food. SO, in pursuit of broadening my knowledge of San Diego (in relation to blink-182, of course), I made a mini list of places I wanted to go once I got there. I called it my blink-182 Pilgrimage Map: blinkmap-fb   # 1 Sombrero - “She brings me Mexican food from Sombrero just because.” There are a number of Sombrero locations but this one is the Sombrero they speak of in “Josie.” # 2 Poway High School - Tom DeLonge notoriously showed up to a high school basketball game while intoxicated and was kicked out of Poway High once teachers caught on. Funny enough, when he returned the next year, his class voted him Homecoming King to tick the staff off. # 3 Soma - Blink quickly became a mainstay at Soma during their earliest years performing together when they were still simply known as “blink.” # 4 Doubletime Studios - Blink recorded their first official studio effort, Buddah, at this recording studio out in El Cajon. Now you, too, can take your own blink-182 tour south. You stay classy, San Diego! AND stay punk rock.

Have any more blink-182 haunts we should add to the pilgrimage list?

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  • I used to not like blink 182, thinking they were too pop, selling out, not true punk rock, etc. But I’ve always loved that song Josie. Its so sincere, and It’s exactly how I feel about my wife. Also, I grew up Encinitas and spent plenty of time in Poway.

    JOel on
  • SOMA has moved a couple times since the early 90s. That spot isn’t actually attached to them at all

    Chris Calderhead on

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