Rockabye Baby Movie Night: Riding in Vans with Boys Featuring blink-182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World

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Riding in Vans with Boys Time for a pop-punk movie nighhht! There aren’t many films that would fit into this category but we have the perfect one for this Rockabye Baby Movie Night, and it’s one that I hold near and dear to my heart. If you love blink-182 and haven’t seen Riding In Vans with Boys, titled as such to riff on the 2001 film Riding in Cars with Boys starring Drew Barrymore, you are in for a SERIOUS ride. This movie made me wish so badly that I was touring with my best friends in a van. Now that I’m a bit older, I fully grasp the drawbacks of that concept (the smells, the uncomfortable sleeping situation, among other things) but back in the day, man, I would have killed to experience it. The men of blink-182, heading out with Green Day and Jimmy Eat World for the Pop Disaster Tour in 2002, decide to take their friends in local San Diego band, Kut U Up, out on the road as a sort of “weird social experiment.” The findings are gross and awesome. Someone’s ass gets branded after a night of drinking, there’s a marriage in Vegas, chandelier swinging, vomit, breakups; just endless entertainment in my humble opinion. Plus, watching the men of Kut U Up navigate their way through all the hurdles lobbed at them really makes them grow on you as people. After that rowdy show, you’ll need to wind down . . . [left]Riding in Vans with Boys[/left][right]Riding in Vans with Boys[/right]    

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