Name That Tune Baby Shower Game

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Have a baby shower coming up soon? We have a new edition of our “Name That Tune” Baby Shower game  just for the 2015 babes entering the world. Ready to play?


  Number of players: 2 or more What you need: Rockabye Baby’s downloadable Answer Sheets Device with internet access and speakers Our “Name That Tune” player below that includes 15-second clips of our most popular lullaby tunes. Instructions: 1. Hand out a sheet of paper to each participant with the numbers 1-15 listed on each sheet. 2. Launch our playlist below, pause after each song and ask the participants to “Name That Tune” by writing down the name of the song and artist after the appropriate tune and number. 3. Once you’ve gone through the whole lullaby playlist and everyone’s guesses have been jotted down, call off the song titles and artists in order, asking each player to tally the number of songs they have guessed correctly. 4. The participant with the most correct song and artist answers wins! (What they win is completely up to you.)

(You can make your own Name That Tune Playlist on Spotify!)

Maybe they’d like their own Rockabye Baby CD as a shower treat!


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