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Article: #TBT Hair Metal Days


#TBT Hair Metal Days

Remember when guys rocked hair as long if not longer than most girls? I was born at the tail end of the “Hair Metal” days. Not the exact end (because it will live on forever!) but right around when a lot of the bands had wiped off the mascara, shelved the hairspray and made room for the likes of bands like Jane’s Addiction and Faith No More. But that doesn’t mean I missed out. Ohhhh, no.

80shair (2)

  My dad was a big fan of heavy and hair metal (even though he would never use either of those terms because the music he liked was just “rock ”), so I got a full dose of Motley Crüe, Def Leppard , Scorpions, Ratt and loads more bands all through my childhood . . . and to be totally honest it’s still my favorite kind of music to listen to now. I just bought Ratt’s Out of the Cellar on vinyl  because it just really felt right spending $5 on it. One of the funniest things I ever witnessed happened while I was watching VH1 Classics . My dad sauntered into the living room having heard “Round and Round” by Ratt playing and as soon as he saw them he yelled , “What in the hell are they wearing!?! They look like ugly girls. Sick.” Yep, Dad, these bands produced great music and they also had great (well, maybe not great but BIG) hair (and inescapably revealing tights). Twenty years of listening and he had no idea what his favorite bands looked like. Haha. Here’s to them foolin’, Dave!  

Check out some of our lullaby renditions of our fave long-haired rockers below.


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