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Article: Rocking Parent Tip: What to Do with That Stained Clothing


Rocking Parent Tip: What to Do with That Stained Clothing


Don't throw those stained clothes away!

You know, the ones spotted with yesterday's dinner, or baby's spit up, or what you thought were semi-permanent markers . . . or much worse. Here's our Rocking Parent Tip  for what to do with that stained clothing that, if you're creative, can make them even better! stainedclothes 1. Pin it! Whether it's the classic punk-rock safety-pin treatment or buttons as we've done here, it's easy to cover up a stain or rips by just covering them or folding fabric over them and pinning! Notice we also cut the bottom of the dress for extra edge. 2Fringe it! If you have stains at the bottom of a shirt or dress, just cut up the bottom for a little '70s flair. stainedclothing-fb 3Patch it up! You can get some iron-on patches and cut out a fun shape to cover the spot, or sew on a felt image. Like our warrior-inspired touch? 4Tie-dye it! And here's the '60s treatment that will add a new psychedelic dimension to your wardrobe. P2124022 5. Draw over it! Have someone artistic in your family or circle of friends, give that clothing to them to give it new life.   For more of our DIYs, check our Pinterest board or browse our Rocking Parent Tips.
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