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Article: Name That Tune Giveaway

Baby Music

Name That Tune Giveaway

CLOSED! Thank you to all who participating and to our winners: Cassandra A., William P., and Alycia B. We've got another album on the way! Maybe you've already guessed who we're "Rockabye-ing" next, but can you name the tune below from the upcoming release?

Did you recognize it? Send in your guess by 8pm PST, Wednesday, April 10th to for the chance to win an advance copy of the album. Three winners will be selected.

Psst . . . and did we mention that we'll be releasing the vinyl equivalent of this album as well? Yep, it's true. You may now freak out.


Fell in love with a girl


Cool! Thanks for the giveaway.


i agree fell in love with a girl, this is the second contest you have had for this album, i LOVE it :)


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