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Article: Top 5 Worst Baby Gifts (or How Justin Bieber Scared My Baby)

Top 5 Worst Baby Gifts (or How Justin Bieber Scared My Baby)

My dad always told me, "If you don't have anything good to say don't say it." But here I am, with another Worst List. Shows you what I've learned! Hope this doesn't mean that my daughter won't listen to me... Years back, we brought you "The Top 5 Worst Baby Shower Gifts." Now here's my take on baby gifts, period.

The Top 5 Worst Baby Gifts

 1. Spikey Things. No-brainer, right? Apparently if something isn't labeled with an age range on it, some people think it's fair game. My husband and I are guilty as charged for our own misstep! Take this maraca, for example. We picked it up for our daughter and our friends' baby. We thought it was so cute, all hand carved and painted, and totally unique. Thing is, we didn't pay attention to the spikey ears until we took them home. The worst choice...

 Thumbs down!  

2. Anything White. Not one item of clothing that we were given that was white (or the majority of it was white) is white any longer. Need I mention, why? That includes the pirate bib from my mom that made my other list. If you have to give clothes or accessories, do the parents a favor and go with something patterned or a dark-colored item, so even if it does get stained, you won't really see it.

Thumbs up!  

3. Something You Wouldn't Want to Live With. I'll tell you right now that my daughter is horrified by stuffed dogs that have automated flapping ears. They make her scream immediately, followed by an instant waterfall of tears. (Though, strangely, she isn't bothered by a bear that plays peek-a-boo.) So when my mom brought over another dog with flapping ears, this time playing a Justin Bieber song, my daughter completely lost it. Which leads to my next worst baby present. 

Thumbs down! 

4. Something You Wouldn't Want to Listen to More Than Once. Kids tend to like a routine and repetition. If you can't imagine subjecting yourself to listening to the baby music you'd give your friend over and over again, don't torture them with it. A sure hit with parents and babies alike? You know the answer to that. Of course, choose bands your friend likes!

Thumbs up!

5. Anything Your Friend Would Feel Guilty About Not Keeping. Sentimentality is a powerful thing, especially when you're a new mom (or dad) who is like me and feels bad about not keeping or using a gift someone gave my daughter. Thing is, new parents get flooded with gifts for the first year (thanks, everyone, by the way!), and there's nowhere to put it all. So, be thoughtful-and practical-with your presents and if you're not going with absolute essentials, try to keep the gift a friendly size.

Thumbs down! (Though I love Cricket.)

Do you agree with my list? Or would yours look different?

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