New Kids Music Collective Formed in Los Angeles

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After the Pacific Northwest children's music collective Kindiependent emerged many months ago to create a tunes for kids, another group has now gathered in LA. Artists Making Family Music (or AMFM), was cofounded by Deborah Poppink (of DidiPop) and Birdie Mendoza (of Birdie's Playhouse). Their goal is to put on shows for children and families in need of assistance, as well as creating an active sharing community for children's musicians the world over. The group is said to be, according to the founders, "a group of family musicians that gather to support each other in the business and art of making children's and all-ages music. Meetings consist of brainstorming, sharing successes and challenges and creative work, such as songwriting." There are also rumors of a SF-based group emerging in the coming months, involving a Sippy Cups member, and someone from the Recording Academy. So it seems to be a new trend out on the West Coast. When will the East coast jump on? The group is making news, appearing on the cover of the LA Times and on various children's music blogs. There are a lot of plans in the mix, so keep an eye on their sites to find out more info from them. Visit their Facebook page, or check out the founder's sites &

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  • That picnic sounds fab, Deborah. Keep us posted!
    P.S. We fixed the link.

    Rockabye Baby! on
  • This is so great. Hopefully all Family Music Artists can unite and have a great big fun picnic with ukes and tambourines and veggie sticks! (By the way, let me correct the website from above. It’s:

    Deborah Poppink on
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