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Article: Our Favorite Elton John Performances

Our Favorite Elton John Performances

One thing about Sir Elton John is that he never seems to stop touring or playing shows . . . not for long anyway. Since his rise to stardom in the 1970s, Elton John has thrilled audiences with his memorable live performances. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of Lullaby Renditions of Elton John, we're sharing our top five favorite performances.

"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"

This performance offers up a hearty serving of star power. Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams and Phil Collins all helped out on this 1973 hit.

"Tiny Dancer"

I usually can't hear this song without having an immediate need to watch that scene in Almost Famous, but this particular performance kept my attention the entire time. Sure, his glittery jacket might have something to do with it, but Elton does a great job at making you feel like he's singing just for you.

"Crocodile Rock"

This is my all-time favorite Elton John song, mostly because of my dad. There's something blissfully nostalgic about it for me (although it's actually about ‘60s rock which, sadly, I wasn't around for . . . talk about era envy). Plus, you can't go wrong when there's a guy in a crocodile mask playing the organ. This video wins.

"Bennie and the Jets"

It's estimated that there were about 400,000+ people at this free concert in Central Park. The man knows how to draw a crowd. The air piano players inspired by John's improvised solo adds for a good bout of laughter, too.

"Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

There's an entire symphony in the background of this performance that likely wouldn't have done this song justice the way Elton does here. Whether or not you're a huge Elton John fan, if you don't get goosebumps when the chorus comes in . . . there might be something wrong with you . . .

Lullaby Rendition of Elton John arrives September 13, 2013


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