Today’s Activity: A Rockabye Baby Puzzle

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We here at Rockabye Baby, of course, are happy to send your kids into slumberland with the coolest lullaby tunes, but we also pride ourselves on giving you - and your kids - Fun Activities to do with your eyes wide open. And we have a great one for you today: our first Rockabye Baby puzzle! It took our First-Time Mommy 3:40 to finish the puzzle below. Can you beat her time? We challenge you to complete the puzzle and tell us how long it took you below. Maybe even let your kids try to do it solo as well and see what their times are. And, who knows, maybe one of you puzzle participants may just win an RB release! Send a screenshot of your completely puzzle to for the chance to win a CD of your choice by Friday, September 6, 8PM PST!

Want to try another puzzle?

Click HERE to get Ms. Rockabye's special tip that every kid lover should know!

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  • It took me 3:38. :)

    Joanne on
  • It took me 4 min and 56 seconds!

    Lara on
  • Well, it wouldn’t have taken 6:15 if I noticed there was a timer! I am sitting there watching tv after I touched the puzzle and then I look down and see its on 2 minutes – ha …that was fun….more puzzles

    Olivia Rubin on
  • 4:22

    Jamie on
  • 4:09 :)

    Brandi on

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