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Article: Peanuts Guide to Life: The Charles M. Schulz Museum

Charles Schulz

Peanuts Guide to Life: The Charles M. Schulz Museum

Schulz Museum

What is a childhood without Charlie Brown? I wouldn’t know. Neither would my parents, considering they were the first ones to introduce me to Peanuts decades ago through passing along the Sunday Comics section to me at a very young age. I do hope parents still do this. I loved getting that newsprint all over my hands. (My husband has introduced the world of Schulz to our daughter through books, records and videos.) I even did my first ice skating routine to the Peanuts theme song, so you can imagine what it was like for me and my family — three generations, grandparents, kids, grandkids — walking into the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. After days of family trip squabbling (you partake in this, too, yes?), we all found pleasure in taking a nostalgic walk through Schulz’s life and his work. Here are some highlights . . .


Above is a closer look at the wall mural made up of more than 3,538 individual tiles featuring Peanuts comic strips. Totally breathtaking to see up close.


  This is a peep-hole column that was just in a hidden-away corner of the museum featuring probably 10 or so holes, and was definitely a favorite among all ages, big and small. No one person could easily access each hole to see the surprises inside. Adults resorted to using phones to reach what they couldn’t (usually the ones on bottom); kids asked grownups for a lift to reach the ones above. I wont ruin the surprises for you. Don’t. Miss. It.


  Schulz’s office recreated on second floor of museum using his actual furniture and belongings. Simple, special, Schulz.


  There are many sculptures of your favorite characters you can pose with — or some bizarre hybrid of one. This one reminded us more of Fraggle Rock than Peanuts!


  There’s also a great activity center where you can make your own comic strips, among other fun activities.


You’re a good man, Charles M. Schulz!

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