What Artist Influenced You?

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If you could name one artist from our lullaby library who influenced you, who would it be?


Here are the picks from the team at Rockabye Baby HQ:  

Weezer. A song on their Blue album is titled “In the Garage,” which was basically about spending all your time in the garage, and that’s where you feel safe. I spent all my free time in high school in the garage learning to play instruments and forming a band. —Kristin

The Cure. One of the first bands I loved as a kid with their catchy pop hits, which were all over the radio and TV, but even then there was a mystique and allure to them. I had a friend whose cool, older, goth brother and his edgy, goth girlfriend listened to them, and they also had brilliant music videos, and, of course, there was/is Robert Smith’s crazy hair and iconography. They’ve been “with me” throughout my whole life and for various reasons — be it their upbeat, happy pop tunes, their melancholic love songs, or explicitly dark, early goth tunes. — Scott

Björk has always been an influence – I think it’s her attitude toward music (she knows absolutely no limit whatsoever) and the visuals that go with it. She pushes so many boundaries and is constantly evolving beyond expectation. I know it sounds like such a cliché thing to say about artists, but she really does take it to the extreme – far beyond what the majority of artists do. She basically works without a safety net and I really admire that. I guess I could almost say the same for Kanye West, though I feel like the syntax of his lyrics is more important and clever (and humorous) rather than thought provoking. — Jennifer

Dave Grohl. I taught myself how to play drums by watching him perform live. — Bill

You all know good and well by now that George Harrison, whose birthday just so happens to be today, is my musical champion. His fight to be seen as a contending songwriter by his cohorts never ceases to amaze me. He never gave up on himself . . . .and it’s a good thing, too, or we’d have missed out on “Here Comes The Sun,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Something,” and a lot more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE, I LOVE YOU. — Stacie

The Police. My parents played them for me when I was in utereo and I’ve loved them my whole life. They influenced my future musical leanings (ska and punk rock) and taught me to appreciate good drumming (Stewart Copeland is a God). I’ve loved them for so long that it’s become part of my personality and who I am. — Sarah


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