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Article: Print and Play: Bear-y Scary Halloween Masks!

Print and Play: Bear-y Scary Halloween Masks!

T-minus one week until Halloween! We can bet that you and your little monsters are getting pretty antsy about getting out to do some trick-or-treating (because we sure are!). Well, we have some good news: You don't have to wait until next Wednesday to start suiting up! You can kick off the Halloween festivities a week early with our Rockabye Baby Halloween Bear Masks. Take your pick from the Rockabye Bear characters below and let your pre-Halloween festivities begin! 1. Click the mask of your choice to download (or feel free to print all of them). 2. Print out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. 3. Cut around dotted lines of each mask including eye slots with scissors. After, using a paper punch, punch out the holes designated for the ties. 4. With yarn or ribbon, tie two strings through each small hole on both sides of the mask. 5. Place mask over face, pulling the two strings back behind your head. Tie to fit. If you're looking for a few activities for your celebration, why not whip out the crayons and markers and do a little coloring with Rockabye Baby's Halloween Coloring Pages?


Am printing now, love these!


Oooh that’s a good idea!


We taped these to our door as decoration!

Mama T

Oh my cuteness, me too!


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