Rock the Vote: Who Should We Rockabye Next?

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Now, we nap!

Hey lullaby lovers, We've updated our poll at the Rockabye Baby! online store. Go check it out and vote for your favorite candidate to be lullabied. If your choice isn't on the poll, leave it here in the comments. Your pick may make it onto future ballots. Some of you may wonder why we haven't released lullaby renditions of all the great rock bands on the poll yet. It takes months and even up to a year to make a perfect lullaby album. We work really closely with the producers, draft after draft, to get the instruments sounding as soft and sweet as possible. We hope the work pays off in the sound of silence coming from your nursery! So what are we up to now? Lullaby Renditions of Queen is still rocking the cradle and Aerosmith is coming out Sept. 15, with liner notes by Steven Tyler! We're hard at work on our lullaby renditions of Guns N' Roses and it's so fabulous we can't stand it. That will be followed up by Kanye West. Oh, yes, you heard us right! Our first Rap-a-bye Baby! It's going to be super swell. Not only that, but this fall we have a way cool gift edition coming out -- it's a download card good for any Rockabye Baby! digital album, housed in an adorable eco-friendly package with a baby food recipe, temporary tattoos, paper dolls, and more fun stuff. This is going to be the world's best baby shower gift, because  you don't have to guess which CDs your friends want, or what they might already have. View it here. Oh, yeah, we updated the look of our blog, too! What do you think? That's a lot of work for such sleepy bears to handle, but luckily for us, napping is always encouraged at lullaby world headquarters. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Your friends at Rockabye Baby!

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  • Devin Townsend would be amazing!

    Sarah on
  • grateful dead
    the clash

  • Please do Dave Matthews Band next!

    Kay on
  • Soundgarden
    Foo Fighters

    Tyler on
  • I do love to kick it old school… maybe some Duran Duran?…. or STING! I LOOOOOOOOOVE Sting!

    Rachel Doyle on

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