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Article: Rockabye Baby’s Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!


Rockabye Baby’s Scavenger Hunt Giveaway!

 Who wants to win an  Alternative Parenting Bundle?


Here's your mission: Just find the 3 items in our list below by searching our Music Store and post them in the comments below by Friday, June 14, at 11:59 pm PT, to qualify for our random drawing!


Feel free to use our search bar in the top right-hand corner to start hunting! Enter as many times as you like by the deadline. There are numerous possibilities. :)


Example of your answers could be:

1. "Feel Your Love Tonight" by Van Halen 2.  Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z 3. "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters

Good luck!

027297969926 027297968929 027297967724


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