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Article: Rockabye the Vote + Giveaway!

2012 election

Rockabye the Vote + Giveaway!

It's Election Day, friends... And we're showing our political spirit with our own Rockabye the Vote badge. Feel free to share it across your social networks to remind everyone to get out and vote before polls close tonight!

Have you voted?

Email us a photo of you with your stub or "I Voted" sticker, or post it on our Facebook page. The first 20 people who show us that they voted will receive these cool Rockabye Baby temporary tattoos!

There's more voting to do,too! Don't forget to vote in our latest Rockabye poll "What Should We Rockabye Our Bear on Next?" and cast your vote for Rockabye Baby in Red Tricycles Totally Awesome Awards! Click and be counted!

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