Schooled by Springsteen: 3 Things You Can Learn About Life from The Boss

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First things first: I was never a fan of Bruce Springsteen Until recently. It took me some 30 years — totally aging myself (gracefully) right now — since his Born in the U.S.A. first took the country by storm and I first saw his “Dancing in the Dark” video on MTV that just seemed to play over and over again to my dismay, before I finally got him, The Boss. Through my teen years into my twenties and on, I was too wrapped up in New Wave, then Industrial, anything and everything 4AD then Indie Rock and so forth, to get into the American rock that Springsteen produced. It wasn’t until I lived in Montreal and found his songs on so many of my friends’ playlists there (Springsteen along with Montreal-based Arcade Fire, who are very much influenced by Springsteen’s music) that slowly but surely he got under my skin. I was missing out. (And he’s quite the hunk, too, isn’t he?) And beyond his music, there’s much to appreciate and learn from. So here’s my list in honor of this great musician and inspiring individual:

SCHOOLED BY SPRINGSTEEN 3 Things You Can Learn About Life from The Boss

1. “Wear pants that fit.” Seriously, I don’t know of any other male public figure’s butt that was as popular then or now than his. Can you? But what I mean by this lesson is don’t put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable or don’t try to do things that compromise who you are. Springsteen, from what I’ve read, has always remained true to who he is, and what he believes in. I dig that.


2. You can rock at any age. Now let me take this a step further. Whether you’re a teenager or in your sixties, whether a musician or mother, I think Springsteen would say that you can rock at whatever you do. P.S. I’m officially obsessed with “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” and I appreciate that his video features girls and women of all ages on the beach without being sleazy about it.
3. Be persistent. It wasn’t until The Boss’s third album that his popularity soared. Don’t give up on your dreams or what you believe in.


What did  Bruce Springsteen teach you about life?

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  • Bruce Springsteen is one of the most influential persons in my life. In fact, he tells me advices every day. His poetic lyrics are that valuable. Our Boss from NJ tells me things that I’ll keep in my heart forever.

    1. Bruce has schooled med to live in the moment. You only live RIGHT NOW and there is only the present you can do anything about. Just live your life and do whatever makes you happy to create those precious moments. The moments won’t be everlasting. They may just last for a night, some hours, minutes or even seconds. Consequences may appear, but hey, what’s funny about thinking of all the consequences that may happen? Maybe that’s why Bruce nails EVERY single one of his concerts? For instance; Thunder Road and Born to Run bring up this subject:

    “Tonight we’ll be free
    All the promises will be broken”

    “I wanna die with you Wendy on the street tonight in an everlasting kiss”

    From the interview at Jimmy Fallon this year in January, Bruce also said these wise, wise words:

    “It’s not the time in your life; it’s the life in your time”

    You got it, Bruce!

    2. Bruce also told me to go out for a car ride when I feel down or want to flee the fu*king reality. You’ll never know what the car ride will bring, but it’s at least an escape from the existing reality. The feeling of secede your hometown, your daily situation, your feelings or whatever; just be on the road for a complete different destination. And no worries. You can find a lot of “reality-escaping” car rides in Bruce’s lyrics. The album “Nebraska” is loaded of them.

    3. No matter what you’re doing, always give 100%. “Walk tall, or don’t walk at all”, do you get it? Spare no efforts. If you’ve seen Bruce live, then you know what I’m talking about. Bruce sets the house on fire every single time he sets his feet on a stage. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 or 500000 persons in the audience! Bruce always delivers with extremely high quality. Bruce also goes 100% in for taking good care of his fans. He talks with them, writes them autographs and meets them with a smile on his mouth. If you relate this into our daily life; who doesn’t love people who takes good care of their fellows and always gives 100% no matter what?

    I’m proud of having Bruce as my idol and teacher!

    Marie on
  • Bruce has taught me how to properly count to 4, because he does it cooler than anybody!

    “1! 2! 3! 4!”

    Kate on
  • Bruce has taught me about myself, I have listened to and grown with him since my first introduction to his music in the 70s. His music – so relate-able and genuine, got me through many times in my life….some good, some bad. Resilience, love, patience, tolerance, acceptance and understanding are essential to growth and survival – Bruce has sung to me about these qualities for years……….Show a little faith there’s magic in the night ~ No matter how bad things may look, they can and will get better. Have faith and hang in there!!

    Linda Sass-Hickey on
  • This section from Badlands means everything to me – I beleive in the LOVE that you gave me / I believe in the FAITH that can save me / I believe in the HOPE and I preay that someday it may raise me above these Badlands… I apply this to my marraige, to Bruce (cause his music has spoken to me and saved me) and to live in general. I want me kids and now my grandskids to know that Love, Faith and Hope should guide them through life.

    Joe Lewis on

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