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Article: Small Talk with Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave

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Small Talk with Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave

Welcome to another edition of Small Talk! Today we're getting the low down on mama, Denver event planner and You Are My Fave writer, Melanie Blodgett. Bio: Melanie Blodgett writes daily at her blog You Are My Fave - a mix of projects, parties and fave finds. Her and her husband Ryan welcomed their first child last spring, a happy little guy named Beck. They're currently settling into their new roles and their first home in the sunny city of Denver. Brood: Ryan: husband, attorney, doppelganger to many and Beck (10 months): perfectly circular face, toothy, little ray of sunshine. 5 thing I can't live without: the store Target, dessert, a daily shower, ballet flats, naptime. 5 things my baby can't live without: naps, swaddle blankets, play time with dad, daily trips out of the house, independence. Current obsession: This weekly child portrait series called You Are My Wild. Favorite "in a box" recently featured on Your My Fave: Sunshine ! It's the time of year when I long for spring and summer and this box was so cheery. Biggest surprise in being a new mom: I'll be so exhausted by my son at the end of the day, yet the moment he goes to bed all I want to do is look at photos and videos of him. Favorite place to go out with your family: We just love going on walks around the neighborhood. Beck would stay content in the stroller for hours. My son's newest fascination is with: Opening and closing the shower door. Music that's been inspiring me lately: I'm in such a music rut, it's sad. Beck will listen to Kelly Clarkson's Stronger over and over. Please help! Wish list for the (near) future: An organized work and craft space and someone to come clean my shower would be nice. Looking forward to: Summer! If I could write a book about parenting it would be called . . . The Joy and the Madness. Final Thought: Instead of focusing on the hard parts of motherhood (lack of sleep!) and the grunt work of it all, I like to tell expecting couples that it's better than you could ever imagine. Because it is. Keep up with Melanie on her blog, Instagram, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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