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Article: So You Think You Know David Bowie Giveaway!

Bowie Facts

So You Think You Know David Bowie Giveaway!

We all agree that David Bowie is one of the most important artists of the 20th century, right? He’s sold more than 140 million albums worldwide, after all. So to commemorate Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie we’re testing your Bowie knowledge!


How well do you REALLY know the Thin White Duke? Tell us which of the statements below are TRUE or FALSE for your chance to win a copy of Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie. 1. The rocker played just about every instrument on his album Diamond Dogs, including the famous guitar riff on “Rebel Rebel.” 2. His song, “Fame,” was co-written by John Lennon, who also sang backup vocals.< 3. Bowie has turned down two distinguished British honors: Commander of the British Order and Knighthood. 4. His eyes are two different colors. 5. Bowie has played the saxophone since he was 12. 6. He met his supermodel wife, Iman, on a blind date. 7. Sixties’ rocker Vince Taylor was Bowie’s main inspiration for Ziggy Startdust character. 8. Bowie has a permanently dilated pupil from a fight he had with his best mate in 1962. 9. His son is a film director. 10. He and Elvis Presley have the same birthday. Post your guesses in the comments below. (Don’t worry if you don’t get them right!) Everyone who shares their guesses below by Friday, April 4 at 8 pm PDT will be entered into our random giveaway for a copy of Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie. One (1) winner will be selected ! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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