So You Think You Know Rock Stars’ Names Giveaway

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So Think You Know...your favorite rock stars' names? We will see about that! Give it a try and you could win one of these: 027297969629 027297969827 027297969520 027297969926 Below are the birth names of some of the rockers that we've Rockabye'd. Can you name them all? (There are a few trick ones in there!) Post your guesses of what musician you think was born with each name. 1. Reginald Kenneth Dwight 2. Shawn Corey Carter 3. Louise Veronica Ciccone 4. Guðmundsdóttir 5. Rogers Nelson 6. John Anthony Gillis 7. Richard Starkey 8. Stanley Harvey Eisen 9. John Fancis Bongiovi, Jr. 10. Steven Victor Tallarico 11. Donald Hugh 12. David Callcott 13. Chaim Witz 14. William Bruse Rose, Jr. Everyone who posts their guesses in the comments below will be automatically entered into our random drawing to win one of our 2013 releases! Three winners will be selected. You have until Sunday, September 15, 11:59 pm ET to enter. Good luck! The correct answers will be posted next week when we announce the winners. Think you're a music trivia whiz? Try our other So Think You Know quizzes about these artists:

027297960923 027297969711 RUSH

Kurt Cobain                              The White Stripes                             Rush 

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