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Article: Summer GIVEAWAY: Good Baby, Bad Baby


Summer GIVEAWAY: Good Baby, Bad Baby

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer! WOO-HOO! What will you be doing to welcome summer? We’re thinking playing a little catch and doing a little grilling sounds good.  Maybe a dip in the pool or lake? Who knows?!

What about summer makes you most happy?

whataboutsummer-fb (2)

Post your answer below by Monday, June 23, at 12 pm PST to be entered to win a copy of our upcoming release Good Baby, Bad Baby! Five (5) winners will be selected in our random draw. Good luck!

Oh, and since tomorrow is the longest day of the year, don’t forget to treat yourself to a little cat nap. Listen to our “Enjoy The Silence” playlist below!


Good Baby, Bad Baby arrives next Tuesday! Listen to snippets here!


Sleeping on the hammock allllll day and getting toasty from the sun


The things about summer that make me most happy are playing music with all the car windows down, bonfires at night with loved ones and staying up just to listen to thunderstorms!


my little boy just getting to experience the taste of fresh strawberries for the first time! :)


Having the summer off from working and spending every minute with my babies!

Rae M

My garden…specifically the smell of fresh basil.


I love being able to go outside with the kids! What I especially love about this Summer is that baby #3 is due at the end!

Felicia R

Birthdays! Both babies, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa are all summer birthdays.


My daughter is turning 1 next week and is able to play outside now that she’s almost walking. I love sitting in the kiddie pool with her and letting her choose what we explore. It gives me a renewed perspective on all the things I would normally miss.


My fav thing in the summer is being outside at parks n BBQs all day and going to the drive in at night. Seeing the lightning bugs come out but not so much the mosquitos


Being able to go swimming and the sun not going down until late


Sunshine &saltwater! I have a water baby that loves some summertime!

Ami Brown

I love that it doesn’t get dark until later and there is more time to be out and play, and we love grilling outdoors. Late evening meals outside with the family- that makes us the most happy about summer!

Michele Rodocker

Love swimming and going to the beach!

Angie Anderson

Love the longer days and watching my daughter catch fireflies.


Having time off to spend with my family and spending time outdoors makes me happy!


What makes me happiest about summer is the warmth outside and in everyone’s heart. The connection to old and new friends and making amazing memories. Learning new things, playing outside, luscious gardens and rock concerts!!!


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