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Article: The End Of The Lullaby?


The End Of The Lullaby?

  Well, this is disheartening - a new study funded by British candy company Jakemans reveals that today's parents are singing their children to sleep much, much less than previous generations. Two-thirds of British parents say that they sing to their children less than their parents did, and many no longer even know the words to classic lullabies like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. One of the main reasons given by parents in the study is that they feel embarrassed by the sound of their own voice - a sorry side effect of the judgmental, media-obsessed culture that we live in. Multiple studies have shown that singing to infants and toddlers helps them build language skills and self-confidence, so why not go against the tide of popular sentiment and sing your little one to sleep tonight? You can even use a Rockabye Baby! CD as a karaoke track to keep things more current. Do you sing to your kids?


My baby don’t want me singing to him… He starts crying when I do.

Thomas Calloway

what sad news! you can’t shut me up, no matter how hard you try, so my future clan doesn’t have anything to worry about…

i wonder if people sing less because we communicate more fluidly through the typed medium these days? so many people spend time sitting silently at their computers typing or texting, that perhaps it’s become more difficult to communicate verbally for people who are less verbally inclined?


This breaks my heart. How will we ever end up with the next batch of Dylans, Lennons or Obamas if our children lack self-confidence. My fiance and I don’t have children as of yet, but no doubt there will be an abundance of song in our house for little ones. Hence, the one reason why we purchased a few Rockabye albums last weekend. We’re planning for our future and it’s reassuring to know that the future will be bright if we just sing a little.


awe! thats so sad! how can you NOT sing to your kids? Ive been singing to my son since before he was born..and now I love watching his face when he regognizes a peice of music.. his eyes light up and he gets the biggest chezzy grin and does a little bend-my-knees-and-shake-my-head-no dance.. its too awesome.. I think music is one of the top 10 most important gifts you can ever give your child!!


Thanks for your responses everyone! We’re glad to hear that people still enjoy singing to their children.

Rockabye Baby!

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