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Article: The Most Popular Birth Months


The Most Popular Birth Months

Is it just us or are there a lot of people having babies this time of year? Like, having them, having them. All of those pregnancy announcements from last winter are now turning into birth announcements . . . at an incredible rate. popular birth months But I suppose it’s not too out of the ordinary to see more babies born. I’m a summer baby myself and have always felt like my birthday has been lumped together with a lot of others’. Just check out how many birthdays we’ll be celebrating this month: Ringo Starr (7th), Jack White (9th), Don Henley (22nd), Slash (23rd), Mick Jagger (26th). And that’s just July! So what’s up with us summer babies and why are there so many of us? As it turns out, the most popular months to be born are July, August and September. As you can guess, season and weather change have an interesting effect on conception times and consequently, birthdays. It seems that once temperatures cool down outdoors, well, things start heating up indoors—hence, why many of us show up in the summer months. Not only that, but there are some serious perks to being a summer baby, too, which might be why folks are more keen on trying in the winter months. Here are just a few of the benefits according to studies: popular birth months The Benefits of Being a Summer Babe
  • Babies born between June and October are said to be slightly taller and bigger boned, likely due to the amount of Vitamin D absorbed during pregnancy.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant — good for mom and baby!
  • Those born in spring and summer months are less likely to develop food allergies.
  • Babies are less likely to develop other allergies (to pollen, dust mites, etc.) and asthma when born in the warm summer months.
  • Summer babies are far less likely to catch those nasty winter bugs like the flu.
  • This isn’t a scientific fact but, in general, birthday parties are easier to plan during summer months. ;)
Are you a summer baby? Do you have summer babies?

Here are some jams to help us celebrate our season!

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