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Article: The Tough, Terrific Twos!

Baby's First

The Tough, Terrific Twos!

Tomorrow, my daughter turns two. This is when I should be running for cover, and believe me, these past few weeks I have felt like I need to. Little D has always been a force to be reckoned with and it seems with each passing day she becomes even more willful. (Translation: Her way, or the highway.) But I’m realizing that her fighting spirit is just the kind of toughness she’ll need as she deals with what’s happening in her near future: preschool.

When do you think a kid is ready for school?


  Is two too early to send her to school? I’ve been struggling with this decision, wondering if she’s ready. So I’ve been taking her for an hour or so each week to ease her into it. I wanted to see how she does in that setting, going from a home daycare of maybe 10 kids tops (the majority of whom are younger than her) to a preschool with 30 kids where she’ll be the youngest.


And, after three visits my almost two-year-old Little D is doing great. How did I make that assessment?
  • She stood her ground with her peers. When a much bigger, older kid, who I’m sure will be her frenemy — Audrey, I have my eye on you — tried to take a toy away from her just to be mean, Little D took it back and said, “No.” Audrey gave up. No adult had to intervene.
  • She didn’t argue with the grownups . . . like she does at home. When one of the teachers told her not to lean back in her chair, because she could hurt herself, Little D listened. (Though, I should note, I didn’t particularly like how that request was delivered. It’s difficult to see someone else discipline my child!)
  • She followed her peers when she was supposed to. When snack time arrived and all the kids were to grab a chair and sit around a table, she did the same. While she didn’t sit very long with them — like a minute — at least she got a gist of what she should be doing.
  • She wanted to use the bathroom . . . though she didn’t really use it. I believe she was particularly thrilled to see things sized for people of her stature.
  • She didn’t cry when she arrived or when we left. I always consider that a good sign! I’m hoping that will be the case every time.
So with that, I’m no longer fearing the terrible twos people speak of and declaring this year the year of the tough, terrific twos! Bring it on. Preschool . . . you’re about to be Little D’d! Besides, she decided she’s skipping age two altogether. When we ask her how old she’s going to be, she says, “Four.”


Happy Birthday, Little D!

 P.S. No, I’m not buying or making you a house like this, but you can visit it at preschool.  

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Love it! She’s truly am amazing toddler! She’ll be great in preschool ! Happy Birthday, 2-year old D!

Love, lLola and Lolo


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