DIY Flute

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Feeling crafty? We’re back with another DIY instrument tutorial. This time, we’re setting foot on unmarked ground . . . with a wind instrument. *Gasp!* Yeah, we know, it’s crazy but we promise it’s super simple and your little ones will be fluting about all day after you’ve crafted your very own! How to Make a Flute What You’ll Need: A ruler Scissors 10 Straws Tape or glue Directions: 1. Gather your supplies 2. One straw needs to remain uncut at 10 inches. Take the next straw and cut off 1 inch from its bottom. 3. Take your next straw and cut an additional inch (2 inches total) 4.Continue the process (i.e., removing 3 inches, 4, 5, etc.) until desired number of straws is achieved. 5. Cut a long piece of tape. 6.  Lay out a long strip of tape and line up the straws longest to shortest. 7. Continue until all straws have been laid over the tape, with each of the tops even with one another. 8.Secure in place by wrapping tape around the front of the straws.

Bada bing bada boom! You have yourself a flute!




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