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You have your bundles of joy...we have our own, too!  .         .    Rockabye has a vast selection of bundles with lullabies to move yours to zzzzzs, clothes to show their rocker sides-and even cool mugs to show yours! From our fan-created Godfathers of Rock Gift Set and limited edition Good Day, Goodnight Bundle with mug to the Foo Fighters Premium Bundle with mug and toddler T-shirt, there's a Rockabye bundle sure to please you, or the parent or rocker-in-training in your life. See them all by clicking below!

One lucky fan can win one of our bundles today! Will it be you? Just answer the question below:

Why does your bundle of joy rock?

Post your answer in the comment box by 6 p.m. PT today-(and don't forget to include your email address so we have a way to get in contact with you!)-to enter our random giveaway for our Godfathers of Rock Gift Set.

Now go on and tell us:  "My bundle of joy rocks because . . ."

CONTEST CLOSED: Thank you to everyone below who participated. Be sure to check back for more chances to win awesome Rockabye Baby gifts! Congratulations to Lorraine!!! 

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  • My bundle of joy rocks because I remember listening to the Cure, the Misfits, Johnny Cash, etc. And 2 years later, my little man still loves to jam out to all the greats! My bundle of joy ROCKS my world!

    Desiree S. on
  • My bundle of joy rocks because she totally jams out to Bob Marley and some other great classic rock in the car. If I change the station to something else, she’ll stop moving. When I switch back, she starts moving again.

    JoAnna Braker on
  • My bundle of joy rocks because she is more than I could every imagine and brightens my day evryday!

    Kelly on
  • My bundle of joy rocks because he is the kindest little boy. He loves his family and pets. He always keeps me smiling. The sunshine in my life :)

    Laura on
  • My baby girl rock because my wife and I were at a Pearl Jam show in Cleveland on May 9th,2010 and found a little baby Pearl Jam onesie and decided that night we were going to try for our first child. 2 years to the date on May 9th, 2012,our first daughter was born! Now she falls asleep with one of many Rockabye baby cd’s.

    Mike L. on

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