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Article: Three Great Kids Dance Party Records

Three Great Kids Dance Party Records

Is there any better sight than a young one possessed by music to shake themselves out as wildly as possible? Kids dancing is great because they completely lack the censorship that adult self-awareness brings, and that's reflected in their awesome gyrations. Here's three records that always bring on the action at our house. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="366" caption="Kids Dancing by Helen Levitt, 1940"][/caption] James Brown - Love Power Peace, Live At The Olympia The hardest working man in show business at the peak of his powers in front of a raving audience of French fans? This is probably one of the best lie albums ever recorded, and every song is a winner. The classic JB groove is solid and steady, and kids love James' dynamic, free-spirited vocal style. Stereo Total - Musique Automatique This Berlin-based electropop duo boasts a lot of factors in common with straight-out kids music - band members with silly names, bouncy synthesizer beats, and simple lyrics. But those lyrics are in multiple languages, delivered with a manic zeal, and against a schizophonic backdrop of mangled music. Fun enough for grown-ups and still jamming for the kids. The Equals - First Among Equals British mod-rockers The Equals are barely a footnote in musical history, notable only for spawning the career of Eddy "Electric Avenue" Grant. But sometimes the best music comes from the margins, and this multiracial outfit released a string of irresistibly catchy singles between 1966 and 1971, including the #1 hit "Baby Come Back." This double-CD compilation holds 40 of their best.

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Babysitting recently, the little 9 month old had the most hilarious dance moves going on with Radiohead blasting. His little knees just buckled and he bopped his bottom out as if he was in a club. So cute – then the track switched to Rockabye Bob Marley and he didn’t miss a beat! Goes to show that music speaks to anyone, even if they aren’t yet speaking themselves!


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