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Article: Tips for Baby Proofing Your Life

Tips for Baby Proofing Your Life

As a first-time parent I had a lot to learn about how important baby proofing is. And by "baby proofing," what comes to my mind may not be what you're thinking. For me, tips for baby proofing your life are really ways to protect yourself from your baby's wrath. :) My daughter is just over 10 months old and is seriously on the move: walking, crawling very fast, hitting, climbing, screaming, steamrolling me and, in between, loving me. And with that, I've learned that the following tips go a long way in protecting myself from baby, especially if that baby is a dragon.

And, of course, don't forget to add these great Rockabye lullaby renditions to your tightly packed shelves-but not so tight that you can't access them in times of need!   

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