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Article: Tonight: The Powerpuff Girls Get a Beatle!

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Tonight: The Powerpuff Girls Get a Beatle!

Of all the on-screen superheroes making comebacks these days, the ones I'm most excited to see are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. That's right, the Powerpuff Girls, those poppy, pint-sized crime-fighters whose hugely popular TV series ended in 2005 (only after totally redefining animation and saving the world before bedtime) are back with a special on Cartoon Network that airs tonight.


And this time, there's a new character in the mix-guest star Ringo Starr voices Fibonacci Sequins, a flamboyant mathematician (the name is a play on the fibonacci sequence) and a total wannabe Powerpuff Girl.


In his cameo on the show, Starr sings the hilarious song, "I Wanna Be a Powerpuff Girl," which also has a trippy and wonderful music video in which an animated Starr dons a yellow Powerpuff dress and a ribbon in his hair in an attempt to cull up his inner superpowers. See it HERE. It's awesome, and once again, a great reminder that we all get by better with a little help from our friends, especially when those friends are sassy and strong.

Add more friendly Beatles to your nights with one of our Lullabye Renditions of the Beatles.

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