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Article: What to Do With Those Pouch Caps


What to Do With Those Pouch Caps

If you have a baby or toddler in your home, chances are you're a food pouch family. Those food pouches were our daughter's best friends until she decided that squeezing all the saucy yum onto herself or the floor was more fun than consuming it. But that's another story. So, what to do with those pouch caps after the snack time is done?

Food pouch caps

We've been collecting all the leftover pouch caps over the past year and have a ton, thinking one day, we're going to come up with a brilliant way to use them! Sure, it would be easy to go to the Web and see what other people are doing with those pouch caps, but how hard is it to get crafty? Besides, even our cat, Cricket, could come up with a new use for them:

1. DIY Cat Toys!

Okay, good idea, Cricket, but that just means more for me to clean up. So, with all those caps piling up - and it becoming increasingly clear that I'm no crafty mom - it's time to surrender to someone else's creativity. Big thanks to Ms. Rockabye for finding some cool pouch cap crafts for us.

2. Play Dough Car Wheels via Valerie at Inner Child Fun

Food pouch cap play dough cars

Here's an ingenious way to use the pouch caps — as wheels!

3. Colorful jewelry via Domesticspace

Food pouch cap necklace

If making jewelry is more your kid's style, the pouch caps are wonderful as large "beads" for necklaces, bracelets or even pins.

4. Funny Creatures via Lalymom

Food pouch cap crafts

Numerous creative moms have also used the caps in combo with pipe cleaners to make adorable littles pets or into favorite, familiar characters.

5. Magnets! Via Kim Edwards' Pinterest

Food pouch caps rainbow

And what kid doesn't love playing with magnets. Pick up some strips, glue them onto the cap and ta-da, instant colorful magnets!

6. Colorful Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe caps

And the fun doesn't end with magnets. Our own in-house artist, Jennifer, came up with this brilliant idea of using the caps as playing pieces.

Do you have a creative way to use pouch caps?

Tell us about it, or even show us, and you might be featured in a future post.


Great idea, Jomama. My daughter screams with glee at those piles, too! I never thought of saving the other caps. I will now.

First-Time Mommy

My kid is obsessed with putting things in stacks or containers, so we use these and old laundry soap caps, milk bottle caps for her to “stack” or we sometimes just throw them in a tupperware container with a lid and she will shake it around like a maraca! I’m not crafty, that’s about all I’ve got!


Whilst I do have a large collection of these caps for work, I like to recycle our used ones for our reusable food pouches (

My younger kids also like stacking them up as high as they can go, then smashing it down in fits of giggles! Small things <3


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