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Article: Watch What Happens: Sticker Attack-tivity

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Watch What Happens: Sticker Attack-tivity

stickerI've got to admit, while I of course loved my baby, Little D, as a baby, I can't get enough of this toddler phase. She ventures into the world with so much wonder! And not only can she walk that world on her own, she can talk about it . . . and I can actually understand her. With every day that passes it's something remarkable and new that she's teaching us as fast as we're (hopefully) teaching her. That especially applies to understanding how things work in the world or, rather, can work. That's what Toddler D reminds us every chance she gets: to think about possibilities versus limits. So I always try to give her freedom and space to show me how I can experience objects and my surrounding in general in a new way, and that's what led to our sticker attack-tivity. All you need:
  • tons of stickers!
  • child (baby, toddler, any age, really)
  • time to let things happen
  • optional: partner in crime/audience
All you need to do:
  • Step 1: Give the stickers to your child.
  • Step 2: Sit back and watch what happens.
  • Step 3: Don't stop your child until he/she lets you know the attack-tivity is done.
  • Step 4: Celebrate his/her work!

Rockabye Baby Sticker Attack-tivity!

What happens when you leave a child with more stickers than she can count? THIS:

It started out innocently enough.


And in no time, sticker madness ensued.


Ta-da, Toddler D's sticker constellation! But she wasn't done yet...


She made her papa her canvas, too.


A really awesome canvas.


"Papa, stickers!" she squealed.


Then she decided the stickers needed to return to where they came from.


And the sticker attack-tivity started anew. No End. ;)



Let us know how your Sticker Attack-tivity goes! We'd love to hear from you. And if we do, maybe you'll be getting a roll of Rockabye Baby stickers for your child to decorate your home - or a loved one!

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