What Books Did You Love from Your Childhood?

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What would life be without books? Not a life I’d like to live! No video games or tablets or any electronics can replace the feeling of holding an actual book in my hands, writing my name in ones that I own (made me feel so special as a child, owning a library), flipping through pages, even ripping them! For this week’s Throwback Thursday, here is a set of children’s self-help books from Joy Wilt that I just rediscovered at my parents’ house. Do they look familiar to you?


Both my parents worked full-time and were immigrants so they did their best to school us on the “American way of life.” This set of books, as well as a couple others (I recall a very comical cartoon book set talking about privates and the birds and bees I’m dying to find!) that was their way of saying, “Hey, life is complicated and you’ll need to figure sh*t out. These might help.”

Stack of kids books

While I’m definitely more sentimental about Gus Was a Friendly Ghost than A Kid’s Guide to Managing Money, the latter reminds me of the different ways my parents did their best to support and teach me and my sisters — AND that I still haven’t figured my sh*t out. Which is why I’m re-reading the books again, some three decades later.

Which books couldn’t you live without as a child?

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