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Article: What Happens When You Cross...


What Happens When You Cross...

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, dads.

The Ramones and Dr. Seuss

This is what happens when you cross two legends: Dr. Seuss with the Ramones . It's a limited-edition print by artist Scott Shaw that I picked up at Secret Headquarters  in Silver Lake. The best part is that it got the thumbs up by my toddler and my wife. Why? It's the best of all of our childhoods: a little bit of nonsense, and a little bit of rock n’ roll. See more posts from our Daddy-in Training below, and indulge in our Lullaby Renditions of the Ramones.




The History of Guitar Smashing


How Daddy Got Mommy Starring Blur


How Rock Came Between Me and My Baby

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