What's DJ Lance Rock Buying for His Yo Gabba Gabba Friends?

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Amoeba Music in Hollywood (the world's biggest independent record store!) has a great video series on their site called What's In My Bag? where cool folks like Dave Grohl or Leslie Hall show you what they bought. DJ Lance Rock visited Amoeba recently and shared the gifts he was buying for his Yo Gabba Gabba friends Brobee, Fufa, Plex, Toodee, and Muno. He picked LPs, CDs and DVDs that he thought would inspire them. We think DJ Lance Rock is very thoughtful and has impeccable taste! Check it out.  

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  • Thats a pretty awesome video – DJ Lance Rock has an incredible knowledge of music and music history!

    DaDa Rocks! on
  • Yes, we agree, DaDa! DJ Lance Rock is the coolest!

    Rockabye Baby! on

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