Arriving May 5: Lullaby Renditions of Spinal Tap

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We’ve got another one coming! Lullaby Renditions of Spinal Tap is due out May 5. Here lies Lullaby Renditions of Spinal Tap . . . and why not? Dozens of people spontaneously nap each year so tonight we’re gonna rock you out of this hell hole of restless slumber. After all, what’s wrong with being sleepy?


And, oh, how they'll nap . . . The little children of Rockabye.

This tracklist goes to 11. 1. Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You 2. Big Bottom 3. Gimme Some Money 4. Sex Farm 5. Hell Hole 6. (Listen to the) Flower People 7. Stonehenge 8. Rock and Roll Creation 9. Heavy Duty 10. Bitch School 11. America Bonus Original Lullaby: Lick My Love Pump For fans of the band, we thought you might appreciate seeing our alternative artwork that didn’t quite make the cut:


And surely the guys would also appreciate these other lullaby release.


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