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Article: Hungry for Life

2013 resolutions

Hungry for Life

The first month of 2013 has almost come to a close. I like how a new year is a great blank slate but I've never been one to keep my resolutions, which turns something potentially awesome into yet another reason to feel guilty and bad about myself. Thinking about my prior years of failure, I'm sure that it's because I always make restrictive (less sugar, less drinking) or prescriptive (yoga 3x a week, daily writing) resolutions, rather than more positive, possible ones. Not so this year-I'm taking a cue from my 8-month-old and making a resolution that I'm sure I can keep: Eat More of Everything, More Often. Just like in the song, my baby girl got two front teeth for Christmas-the matching pair for the two she already had on her bottom gum. So now she can tear and, even better, chew. This development has made every object around fair game for food: paper, plastic, leaves,'s more like having a puppy than a child. All babies put things in their mouths, sucking and licking stuff, but my baby is a raving lunatic now, cramming her little chubby face with everything she finds and thrashing it into tiny pieces with her teeth. And she is so happy doing it. I love the gusto with which she is greeting the world now that she wants to ingest it. And frankly, I want a piece of that, which is why I'm resolved to stop fighting my appetite (which, since I'm breastfeeding, is still that of a linebacker) and give myself over to the fact that it feels great to stuff my face. Our zest is for more than just lemons. I'm going to steer my daughter toward actual edibles and myself to healthy fare, but damn it, we girls are going to eat. A lot. Of everything. Because enjoying the world sometimes means biting off a big chunk of it, even if you only have four teeth. Hungry? Did you know many of our Rockabye Baby CDs come with great recipes for your growing baby? Check out some recipes HERE and also find them in these releases.   

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