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Article: Rockin’ Recipe of the Day: Nut-Free Pesto

andrea richards

Rockin’ Recipe of the Day: Nut-Free Pesto

Holy Basil, Batman! The summertime harvest is starting in our tiny, urban garden, and you know what I’ve got tons of? Basil. And while I’m all about using herbs in summer cocktails, there’s just too much for that. It’s time to make pesto, of course. RB_Pestopost But with the kiddieroos around, there’s a twist: no nuts (can’t have them at school). A simple fix is to sub in pumpkin seeds instead — they are packed with protein, allergen-free, and have a similar nutty texture and taste. This pesto is so easy the girls make it themselves (they are two and four, so that’s saying something). They can also make it while dressed as Batman or any other superhero, or as Princess Anna, or whatever other sparkly, spangle, spandex-wearing icon they choose to be that day (David Bowie, anyone?). My only job is to press the button on the blender. Here’s the recipe! RB_Pestopost1   Nut-Free Pesto Ingredients: basil, pumpkin seeds, garlic cloves and lemon or lime Steps:
  1. Pick your basil, wash it, dry it with a kitchen towel and then tear it into pieces.
  2. Add a big handful of pumpkin seeds.
  3. Squeeze a couple cloves of garlic through a press and mix in.
  4. Cut a lemon or lime in half and squeeze that in too.
  5. Add olive oil while blending in a food processor, or just throw it all together in a blender.
  6. The adult in the room plugs the gizmo in and presses the button.
We always throw a couple solid handfuls of Parmesan cheese in the blender as well, but you can mix that in later or forget it and go dairy free. Fore more rockin’ recipes, click HERE.

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