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Article: Streaming Kids Radio: Gooney Bird Kids

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Streaming Kids Radio: Gooney Bird Kids

The internet is full of music, lots good and lots bad, but kids music seems to be overlooked online. Gooney Bird Kids means to change this by streaming kids' tunes 24 hours a day to children around the world. In August 2006, Gwyneth and her two kids were sitting around on a rainy day in Atlanta when she thought up the idea for Gooney Bird Kids. Now four years later, they're going strong. There are themed days of music, as well as the latest in kids tunes. GBK also post a lot of music videos and concert reviews of kid bands. There's even a huge list of kids' bands and musicians on the site that links to each groups' tunes. Recently GBK posted a link to Zoogobble's radio station, another great kids music resource, so check that out as well! Overall, lots of great info and, of course, great music. Visit today! Check out the live radio station feed. Also, see the Gooney Bird Kids Blog, with lots of info and news about the kids music world. Check out Gwyneth's personal blog.

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