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Article: [UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!


[UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!

In honor of our newest CD, we're giving away a Rockabye Baby prize-pack to five lucky fans!  Each prize includes Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley and a super cool organic cotton Rockabye Baby onesie (size 6-12 months), plus fun stickers and temporary tattoos. Here's how to enter: leave a comment on this post telling us how you became a fan of the King in 100 words or less. Winners will be chosen at random.
Due to the great comments that people have been submitting, we've decided to pick our winners by "cutest" story.
The deadline to enter is September 29 at 12 PM, Pacific time. Ready, set, start typing! Good luck! Please feel free to share this contest with your friends!
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I got married, in Las Vegas, by him!

lauren parslow

Well, his voice is DREAMY… Come on, Love Me Tender? No one else can sing it like Elvis!


My momma loved The King and I remember dressing up in her dresses and heels as a little girl and dancing around the living room to his music with her! I can’t wait to do the same with my baby girl (once she can stand and dance that is)!

laura belfiore

I became interested in Rock-A-Bye Baby after an internet search result. My wife Jessica & I have recommended these to many new parent friends. It is just a perfect interpretation for parents and babies alike. Our daughter Emily goes quiet each and every time we put them on in the car. Most importantly she will be hard wired with good music from the get go… Beatles, Stones, U2, Bob Marley, Coldplay. she will be very excited to realize these songs have words in a few years!! Thank you Rock-A-Bye Baby!!

Chris King

November 1998…senior year of college at University of Georgia…VH1 aired “Aloha From Hawaii”…I was hooked instantly…the next morning 2 friends and I were on the road making the 8 hour trek to Memphis…Graceland, Sun Studios, Beale Street, the works! What began as a somewhat ironic college road trip has morphed into a lifelong obsession. Now my wife and I are expecting our 1st son in January. Can’t wait to get introduce him to several Rocakbye Baby albums…especially The King! TCB in a Flash!


Signed up for RSS feed via iGoogle.

Adina Dovman

My mom was obsessed with Elvis, and she insisted we all appreciate the man.

Adina Dovman

I “LIKE” your page on Facebook!


We had a world recognized drive-in in our small town of Visalia, Ca. My mom gave me some quarters for the juke box and I happened to pick an Elvis song. How can you beat the King?

Christa Lisbon-Slack


Adina Dovman

ok, liked you guys on FB and left a comment on that page too!

laura belfiore

I like you on FB. Off to leave a comment now.

Adina Dovman

I just blogged about your CD’s and how they are the only thing to make my baby sleep. Check it out.

Christa Lisbon-Slack

[…] I was alerted that there is a contest going on to win a Rockabye Elvis gift pack. Rockabye Gift […]

Rockabye Baby | One Bad Monkey Mommy

Contest: Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!

Christa Lisbon-Slack

Just signed up for the RSS feed through google reader.

Christa Lisbon-Slack

Rss feed subscriber

Shannon Naugle

I became a fan of Elvis when I realized that I never turned the station when his song came on and I sang along to it everytime

Shannon Naugle

I’ve just blogged about your giveaway.

Starr Grizzell

I used to watch his films over and over with my mother when I was little, and since, especially Blue Hawaii.

Jan P

My neighbors Dad, Gary, was the biggest Elvis fan I ever met. When we were kids every 4th of July he would bring his grill into the driveway out front and blast the King while grillin hamburgers for me, my best friend, and my sisters. We put on our HOTT roller skates and skated around the driveway to Jailhouse Rock and the likes…ever since those days we have officially named Gary’s special grillin “Elvis Burgers.”


signed up for your newsletter!

Shannon Naugle

I like you already on facebook…leaving comment now!

Shannon Naugle

I left a comment on your facebook page. I liked Elvis when he was sill alive and had fun watching his movies and dancing to his songs. He was, and still is one of the Kings of Rock n Roll!

Debbie C.

Twittered ya!!

Like Elvis? have a baby? Then you’ll love this competition: @rockabyebaby

David Gerecht

Facebooked ya!!

David Gerecht: I bought the Coldplay Rockabye for my son – he loves it so much I now have it on my MP3 player for when we travel – roll on the Elvis!!

David Gerecht

My mom would sing" Can’t Help Falling in Love with You" to me when I was little. Loved him ever since!

Dawn Sollitto

I “like” your facebook page.


My grandma used to always listen to him in her big boat of a car so that was when I started liking Elvis. :)


I love Elvis, bcause of my Mom!!


I " like " you on facebook and also suscribe to your website via email.

Debbie C.

I’m an email subscriber

Lisa Duncan

I subscribe to your RSS feed.

Lisa Duncan

My husband introduced me to him. Our song is “Such A Night” so The King is extra special to us.

Lisa Duncan

My mom used to play Elvis for me when I was little, and I would dance around like a goof ball. It kinda just stuck with me thru the years. Ive been a fan ever since :)

Amy Legas

As a Fllight Attendant I listen to The Eagles Rockabye Baby, Beatles, and now Aerosmith Rockabye Baby. They are the best tune to relax to when I am commuting to work. They also make the best baby shower gift, something totally unique and different than everyone else…



Lisa Duncan

I already like you on Facebook and left a comment:

Lisa Duncan

I didn’t become a fan of the KING, because to be his fan is just like a talent! You are born with! It’s something that is inside yourself! It’s a part of your own soul!

Arianne Isabel

I was filling in for a friend who had a newspaper route, but was on vacation. I think it was in 5th grade. I got the papers dropped off at my house and got ready to get on my bike when I saw the headline – Elvis Presley died! I’d started playing the guitar a few years earlier, but hadn’t yet “graduated” Elvis songs. After that happened, I made sure Elvis was a permanent part of my repertoire. Rockabye Baby, Baby!


Uh..this sounds so depressing (though his music and those times are really happy memories) but while i was pregnant with our son my husband used to sing Elvis to my ever growing belly, sad part being he had a brain aneurysm that took him from us when I was almost six months pregnant, and i honestly haven’t been able to listen to “the King” since then, but my son is almost 5 months old now and he deserves to hear the music his daddy loved..

Danielle Sandon

My Dad Was The Biggest Elvis Fan Ever Since I Can Remember IThere Had Been An Elvis Song or Movie On in Our House So Why Not Carry On The Elvis Tradition With Our Girls (his grandaughters)


I signed up for your newsletter!

angie p

I signed up for the Rockabye Baby! RSS feed!

angie p

I love his voice! My high school men’s choir would always sing (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear. It was always so much fun to watch them!

angie p

My Mom taught me how to dance in the kitchen when I was little, listening to Elvis!!


My dad got me into Elvis Presley as a little girl, age of 7. 23 years later, I’m still a big fan of The King. I even had my second graders dance to the song, Hound Dog for their end of year performance last year. I dressed up the kids in rock n roll outfits.


I have you link on my personal private blog!

angie p

I “Like” you on Facebook!

angie p

I received a tape for Christmas when I was very young of different artist remakes of Elvis’ songs. I played that tape over and over again, but would only focus on the songs that actually sounded like Elvis. My friends would get so frustrated that I would stop playing and keep rewinding the tape back to the beginning! Then one day I was garage sale-ing with my mom and came across this poster of this gorgeous young man. I somehow convinced my mom that I needed that poster. That poster acted as a backdrop for every kind of childhood play for years!


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