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Article: [UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!


[UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!

In honor of our newest CD, we're giving away a Rockabye Baby prize-pack to five lucky fans!  Each prize includes Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley and a super cool organic cotton Rockabye Baby onesie (size 6-12 months), plus fun stickers and temporary tattoos. Here's how to enter: leave a comment on this post telling us how you became a fan of the King in 100 words or less. Winners will be chosen at random.
Due to the great comments that people have been submitting, we've decided to pick our winners by "cutest" story.
The deadline to enter is September 29 at 12 PM, Pacific time. Ready, set, start typing! Good luck! Please feel free to share this contest with your friends!
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I became a fan of his after seeing “him” walk down the streets of Nashville when I was a kid. He was so exciting and entertaining! Too bad I am too young to have seen the real thing. Thank God for music!


I first fell in love with Elvis when I was about 14. I watched the movie, “Elvis and Me”, and instantly knew he was the man for me. I desperately wanted to be Pricilla. I still love “The King”, and get weak knees every time I see an impersonator!

Jessica Farley

My father was a radio disc jockey while I was growing up, & a huge Elvis fan. He gave everyone their “daily vitamin E,” as he put it, by playing an Elvis song each day. Memorabilia fills our house to this day-amazing one-of-a-kind records, and mementos. He passed away last month, and we celebrated his life with his old DJ friends, listening to his last radio show, and of course Elvis. I can’t listen to him and not think of my Father.


Elvis is my obsession. I became interested in him when I was in middle school. During the summer they would have theme weeks on some station. One week was all Frankie and Annette and then the next was all Elvis movies. I would watch them for like 8 hours each day. That was always something I looked forward too. The interest has stuck!


Discovered the king on many a drive to our cottage with the family. My parents only listened to oldies :) and i fell in love with him, and wanda jackson ( his first girlfriend!

angi b

One word: DAD! He always loved Elvis!!

melissa bertagno

My mom raised me as a struggling single mother.I grew up to her listening to Elvis and I loved him instantly. Not just because he’s amazing, but also because of the joy my mom felt whenever she listened to him, and those moments didn’t come often enough. Elvis represents my childhood and I had a picture of him tattoo’d on my leg! Also my 4th child (our only boy) was born January 8th…Elvis’s birthday! and his middle name is “Memphis” in honour of the King. Elvis is with me everday, even though he’s in heaven TCB.


I started liking Elvis when i was around 6 years old and everyone told me Santa wasn’t real becuase theres no way that big dude could posibly be in all the malls at the same time. I told them thats not true… and I used Elvis as my example… I said, "he’s a big dude too and he’s always singing at all these different places, while he’s also getting people married, and at the same time jumping out of planes. If Elvis can do all that… than Santa has to be real! GO Santa and Go Elvis !

Cory Williams

Watching “Forrest Gump” and seeing how Elvis got his dance moves from Tom Hanks (: Pretty amazing stuff!

Erica Edmiston

Grew up with my father always playing Elvis – especially on our family road trips. We would sing them together :)

One year we went to Graceland and had a wonderful time but when I truly feel in love was when I saw the three trashcans lined up with their door flaps that read “Thank You”, “Thank You”, “Very Much.” Still makes me smile today.


I learned to love Elvis when my Grandma played his music all the time, and I would love to do the same for my son when he is born.


Visited Graceland!


Even though I was born in 1980, I listened to the oldies station on the radio ALL the time growing up.


Id have t say growing up around my grandparents. They always put Elvis on to get me tosleep. Our love of the oldies still rings true to this day!!!! :) So since cnceiving my son I always play the classics for him and hje loves them too!!!!

Ashley M

My parents used to play Elvis records and I loved them since I was a child!

Emily B

1996: watching my future father-in-law dancing and air guitaring to Elvis’ Blue Christmas album. How could you not fall in love with that album?


I would listen to Elvis when I was a little girl. Then I got pregnant and would dance around the house to blue suede shoes, jail house rock and other songs. Now my kids fall asleep to fools rush in and other slow songs.

Tara T

Used to stack all my mum’s elvis singles on our record player when I was a kid (with a bit of cliff and Tom mixed in). Was on holiday in Norfolk with my aunty freda when he died


My mom used to listen to Elvis and watch Elvis movies on TV. Mom made me a big Elvis fan. We even went to Graceland together.

Monica Cardenas

The 68 comeback special is what hooked me. Elvis in black leather. Yum.

Cassie Wiens

I became a fan of the king by listening to his a tracks with my grandma when i was 4

Jaxon's Mommy

I like you on Facebook!


I loved listening to Elvis as a kid with my dad! Glad you guys added him to your already awesome list of artists!!


I became a die-hard Elvis fan after moving to Memphis in 2007. Visiting Graceland is a sure-fire way to fall in love with the man, but attending the Candlelight Vigil on the grounds ensures that he will have a place in your heart forever.


Elvis always played at my house, mom loved him. We even had an Elvis impersonator at my prom!


i’ve been signed up for your newsletter for a while, thats how i heard about the contest.

Jaxon's Mommy

I liked and commented on your facebook page this is my profile.

Jaxon's Mommy

I grew up watching the movies at my grandmothers!

traci sciaretta

he’s elvis….what’s not to love?


My mom loved, loved, loved Elvis! She had several large pictures of him around the house, played his music all the time (when dad would let her!), and owned everyone of his movies. The obsession wore off onto me. Now I have a great connection with my grandmother in law because she’s obsessed too!


When I was little, I would visit my grandma’s house. My uncle has cerebal palsy and had polio when he was young, so he lived with her. He was crazy about 3 things — Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bearcats and ELVIS!

I remember sitting in the bedroom playing Elvis LP’s and singing along. My grandma’s favorite was In the Ghetto!

Samantha Rehorst

I heard Little less conversation – a little more action and couldn’t stop dancing!

Valerie D

When I was a kid my dad would do his best Elvis impression as we sung along to all his hits on our family vacation


I loved when he sang in his movies! They made me want to get up and dance. He was never an actor, but the singing was always amazing!

cynthia brown

Fell in love with Blue Christmas as a child and still listen to Elvis all the time :)


I like you on FB.


I get your RSS feed through Google.


I came to know and love Elvis through my grandma who is unfortunately no longer with us. She loved his music and with spending every day after school with her I became a fan at a young age. I am looking to pass that piece of such a great woman and influence in my life on to my son through Elvis’s music just like grandma did!


Bought #1’s and realized just how many great great songs I knew and already loved, became big fan

Matt McLaughlin

Hi, just stumble onto your website…amazing. I grew to LOVE Elvis when I was very small through my mom, now my daughter loves Elvis and even named one of her daughters with Presley as her middle name….she is expecting her fifth child in two months and this would be a great gift for her…love this!


When I was a little girl, there were often Elvis movies on Sunday afternoons, and that’s how I got hooked.
I’ve been listening to Elvis ever since, his rock and roll, and even his gospel CD’s. Now that we have a little one in the house, I would love to add the Rockabye Lullabies to the collection.

carolyn earl

I became a fan when I met the guy who would become my husband. His family is so obsessed with Elvis that his big brother had an Elvis-themed rehearsal dinner before his wedding! You haven’t lived until you’ve seen white-haired grandmothers wearing stick-on sideburns & singing Elvis kareoke. When it was time for my husband and I to marry, of course we chose Vegas and had Elvis sing during the ceremony. Now that we have a little one, we can’t wait to introduce her to Elvis in lullabye form.

Kristin Moilanen

Both of my parents would sing Elvis songs to me growing up. My father loved to sing “Treat Me Like A Fool,” and my mother loved “Jailhouse Rock”. My mother has been gone for 9 years now, and I can’t help, but think of her everytime I hear that song! I adore Elvis’ music and movies! (Blue Hawaii is my favorite) I know when I have my child soon, they will be Elvis fans too, because he is timeless!! ♥

Victoria G

As a child I would crank out Elvis records ok my winnie the pooh record player (You know the one….meant for tiny story records, not huge normal sized ones. ) loud as could be. My friend and I would sing for hours along side Elvis! :) We thought we were pretty cool. By grade 2, I earned an easy A in music when we had to play his music on a ukulele and sing along. I knew all the words!!! Woohoo!


I found out about you by research in a library for lullaby cds for my newborn and you were listed and curious to hear what it was about and loved listening to all kinds ever since. Especially my now 6 month old son!

Christian F G



Since you changed the rules on my here at the last minute I’m going to expand on my story of why I love The King…

I asked a cute co-worker out for a drink. As we were walking out to his car we stopped to admire the moon shining above us. Then he kissed me! Although I don’t recall my feet touching the ground, I somehow managed to get back in the car. When he started the car the CD came on automatically. “…The moon was bright, oh how bright it was it really was such a night. THe night was alight with stars above. when she kissed me I had to fall in love…” Now we are married. “Such A Night” is our song.

Lisa D

I used to live next door to Elvis’s birthplace in Tupelo. I was taking a shower one morning and left the bathroom window open which was right next to the shower. I stepped out,and there were 100+ japanese tourists walking my backyard. Camera flashes everywhere. One of them snapped a picture of me,as I was frantically closing the window curtain,and said “thank you. Thank you very much”.


We have a 4 month old daughter. For Fathers day, I bought the Metallica and Tool CD’s for my husband from “our daughter” He LOVES them. (so does she) My mother-in-law is the biggest Elvis fan I know! I hope to get the CD anyway-but I can’t wait for the two of them to listen to it together! They will both love it and I know my mom will just be tickled by the thought of sharing her music with her granddaughter! :0)


I’ve always loved Elvis, this is great for my children. Thanks


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