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Article: [UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!


[UPDATE] Win a Lullaby Renditions of Elvis CD plus a Rockabye Baby Onesie!

In honor of our newest CD, we're giving away a Rockabye Baby prize-pack to five lucky fans!  Each prize includes Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley and a super cool organic cotton Rockabye Baby onesie (size 6-12 months), plus fun stickers and temporary tattoos. Here's how to enter: leave a comment on this post telling us how you became a fan of the King in 100 words or less. Winners will be chosen at random.
Due to the great comments that people have been submitting, we've decided to pick our winners by "cutest" story.
The deadline to enter is September 29 at 12 PM, Pacific time. Ready, set, start typing! Good luck! Please feel free to share this contest with your friends!
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My Dad always used to sing me Elvis songs when I was a little girl. Dad just passed away last year, and now I’m expecting his first granddaughter in March. I’d love to honor Dad’s memory, and share Elvis music in a new way with her!


PS – “Liking” you on FB now! :)


My mother would only play Elvis. I knew the words to “In The Ghetto” before I could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Kevin Joyce

2 words – The King!

J Peyron

I became a fan when i was 5, my nan loved playing his music all the time,now im 29 with 2 children my little girl loves the King and my baby boy sleeps to his music by my partners talent playing guitar and singing the Kings songs every nite till our son sleeps.


Always been a fan of Elvis. One night at a Christmas party, my then boyfriend & I were alone on the dancefloor dancing & the music stopped. Party was over. But he kept dancing with me and started singing Can’t Help Falling In Love. Needless to say, that was the first song we danced to as husband & wife.

Kate Schmida

I had no choice but to be a fan as my mother is one of the biggest Elvis fans I know. She still hasn’t let me forget that she couldn’t attend one of his final concerts since she was 8 months pregnant with me. I’M SORRY MOM!!!

Amanda Nyberg

I’m Elvis! Hunk-a-Hunk-a-Burnin-…oh nevermind. :)

Matthew Boscaccy

How can you not be a fan of Elvis?! His music was and always will be amazing! I really can’t say how I became a fan of his music. It was just something that came naturally!!! =-)

Bethany Gogola

You are Liked on FaceBook & a comment has been left :)

Kate Schmida

Kate Schmida

My Grandmother went to Hawaii to see him live and she would tell me all about it and sing his songs to me all the time!

Amber Campbell

My mom loves the King! She had us listening to him from before we could walk. With my first niece or nephew on the way the Rockabye Baby version of Elvis’ songs would be a perfect start for their musical education!

Colleen Dill

I signed up for your e-newsletter, thanks! Any chance you will have Jimmy Buffett or DMB CD’s at any time? :) Ramones is my favorite so far. My twins fall asleep to your CD’s every night.

Wendy G

“Liked” you on Facebook and left a comment.

Wendy G

Despite my parents being fans, I really did not pay attention to Elvis until Cheap Trick covered ’Don’t Be Cruel.’ Now I love that song along with many others. The TV show Las Vegas renewed my interest when they used ‘A Little Less Conversation’…love that song!

Wendy G

My father listens to Elvis as long as I can remember. He showed me pictures and films with the King and I still love the songs.
My early wish was to have lullabies of his songs to cradle my baby in rockabilly dreams.


As a kid back in the 1960’s my dad took me to every single elvis movie that came out and he bought me every album, single, etc. amassing quite a collection. Last year I got to take my daughter to Graceland for her 21st birthday as like her mom she is a very big Elvis fan! What a great day! And now my new grandson rocks to the King!

Virginia Walter

Was introduced to Elvis by my grandfather when I was a kid. I remember him playing jailhouse rock while making me a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Chris W.

My entire family has always loved Elvis and I listened to him as a child. Now I have my kids listen to him and we will have our new baby listen as well. He truly had a great voice and I think we will dress up the baby as Elvis for Halloween.


When I was a baby in the mid-70s, my folks would play Elvis’s Pure Gold compilation, which I would listen to, but I would always cry when ‘In The Ghetto’ came on. They remind of that every Christmas when they still play the album! (I’m 36 and they’re in their 70s.)

Ryan Heeger

I’ve been a big fan of all things Elvis since I was 5 years old and played his vinyl record “Blue Christmas” nonstop year-round. My parents were ready to break it!
Now I’m busy making a fan out of my 4 year-old son!

Ann Malkoc

I met him in Vegas a few years ago!:)


I became an Elvis fan through my dad. I can remember, as a child, listening to “Elvis Sings for Kids and Grownups too!” on vinyl all the time.

Amanda Williams

I’ve always enjoyed listening to The King, but became a huge fan when I was home sick from school as a child & caught Viva Las Vegas on TV…I was hooked! That started my Elvis movie collection & had me humming along to every song of his I could find. When my newborn, who was a CHOWHOUND, wouldn’t sleep, I would sing “Ito Eats” (from Blue Hawaii) to him and…zonk!

Holly J.

I became a fan of the King when I watched his movies as a kid. He was so dreamy and I loved his voice.

Marlene Ortiz

I run on the “Elvis Has Left the Van” Hood to Coast team. My little guy has an Elvis onsie. Trying to figure out if he will cooperate & wear sideburns & sunglasses for next year’s event.


I was sort of always a fan of the King, so while visiting a friend who lives in Memphis, we went to Graceland. We listened to nothing but Elvis on the way there, and by the time we were done with the tour, I felt like his biggest fan.


My friends mom loved him, and we would always listen to his music while we were there!


I grew up listening to it on the radio when my parents would put on oldies. I grew up into it and love it to this day. :)

Christina Rowley

My grandma passsed away when I was a little girl. But I remembered when I was older all the stuff she liked. Elvis bieng one of them. I started listening to his music to remind me of her. Also looking back he was quite the stud! Grandma had good taste in men! I love you grandma and planning on playing Elvis music to my kids!

Shasta W

I originally became a fan of Elivis because my father used to play Elvis records during dinner when I was a child. But it was not until I went to Las Vegas with friends that I truly became an Elvis fan – after going to an Elvis museum and seeing all of the great Elvis impersonators rocking out and having fun. Now Elvis means fun to me, and I hope he will have the same meaning for my baby.


I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I fell in love with The King after seeing “It Happened at The World’s Fair” when I was little. I had been listening to his music since I was born, but I fell head over heels after seeing this movie and realizing it was the same guy.

Kim Wilkerson

I started loving Elvis when I was a kid and my mom would play her 45 of Xmas songs by the king!


I became a fan of the King because of my hunkahunka burnin’ love and his appreciation for shoes.


my grandfather totally thought he could sing like Elvis.. it was great.. i can still hear him.. he would sing through out the house.. also we had and still have the elvis christmas album on every xmas


My grandfather loved the king. He even looked sort of like him. The side burns, the clothing. Such a huge fan! I remember him dancing around sing the songs to us! It was fun!


As a young boy, about 6 years, I found this cassette in my ol’ folks collection.
It was Elvis and I got interested in listening. I got all shook up!
Now 30 years later, he still does!
Elvis : the King!!!!!

Davy Genné

Growing up my grandma, mom, sister, father, everyone loved Elvis. But as soon as I realized how special that voice of his was, I became a true blue fan for life. I have two Elvis inspired tattoos & working on more ;-)

Amber Cox

My grandmother was a huge fan of the King. She’d say, if you don’t like Elvis then you don’t like music. Her love of him has transfered to me!! Long live the King!!!

Rebecca Harrison

I follow you on FB!


I get your newletters…which happen to be how I found out about this!


I get your RSS feed through Feedburner!


My husband is a huge fan of Elvis. His mother turned him on as a fan when he was a child. He is always singing Elvis around the house. We are about to have our first baby and my husband would absolutely love this!


I became a fan of the King from watching lilo and stitch. I loved his music from there and on! My Dad also loves his music.

Karli Dunlay

I became “aware” of the King when I was about 5 while visiting my Grandparents in Germany. My Tante (aunt) was a big fan and played his music constantly and also had his posters plastered on her bedroom wall. I’ve enjoyed his music ever since then and so has my daughter who is now passing Elvis music down to her son.

Jean Grabau

I love these CD"s and so does my grandson… Very soothing and relaxing! Aerosmith is awesome, the Beatles, Led Zepplin… Bob Marley, I recommend them all!!


My in-laws play Elvis on vinyl when I go up to their cabin in Maine, so it has great associations. I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old and I love all your stuff!

Ethan Fiks

I watched a lifetime movie about Elvis’s life—then started listening to his music.


I’ve been lisyening to the King ever since I was little and I’ve seen most of his movies.

krista shafer-hazlet

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